Given the Gift of Great Food

          I was given the gift of great food before I can even remember. My mom is an amazing cook and I have been surrounded by great cooks most of my life. I was blessed to grow up with parents that had a true joy of eating delicious food and an interest in trying new things. They encouraged me at an early age to be adventurous and always look to learn.

        Growing up in the South, good food is everywhere, and great food is not hard to find. I love searching out the great food and learning from it. How does it look? how does it taste?how does it smell? how is the texture?

              This love of food inspired me after college to attend culinary school at Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina. My career began working in restaurants ,and from there has included restaurant management, deli management, owning my own catering company and small commercial bakery and eventually I became a test kitchen professional. I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a great media company developing and styling recipes for their magazines and digital media. These experiences have introduced me to amazing foods and the talented people that cook them. I am excited to share my ideas and friends with you!

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